“I did not want to feel life or touch things, knowing from my experience of what happened when my temperament came into contact with the world that the sensation of living was always painful to me. But in avoiding that contact, I isolated myself and, in isolating myself, exacerbated my already excessive sensibility, for which the best thing, were it possible, would be to end all contact with anything. But such total isolation is not possible. However little I do, I still breathe, however little there is to do, I still move. And thus, with my sensibility heightened by isolation, I find that the tiniest things, which before would have had no effect even on me, buffet and bruise me like the worst catastrophe. I chose the wrong method of flight. I took an awkward short cut that led me right back to where I was, compounding the horror of living there with the exhaustion of the journey.” — The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa (via traversant)

Led Zeppelin performing at the Cherry Tree public house in Welwyn Garden City, U.K., 1969.

Title: Black
Artist: Pearl Jam
Played: 1132 times


all five horizons revolved around her soul

Porch, Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder crazy.
(1992, PinkPop Holland)


David Gilmour filming the studio sections of Live at Pompeii 1971 from the book Pink Floyd- The Black Strat


Daniel Johns circa ‘97.

Most heavenly being on this earth.